Weekday Volunteering - working with Gardeners

We are a small team of professionals who rely on the help of volunteers to work alongside us and our gardeners. We have up to four volunteers each weekday and they take part in the daily roster of jobs around the garden and vineyard providing much-needed pairs of hands but more importantly, support for the gardeners who are in recovery. 

Although a knowledge of horticulture is useful, it’s not absolutely necessary, but an easy, empathetic manner is a must-have. You must also be able to commit to an entire day each week since reliability and continuity are extremely important.

We don’t often have need of new volunteers since happily they tend to stay with us for the long term. But if you are interested please email us with your contact details. It’s really helpful to us to have potential volunteers on our files whom we can contact when a space becomes available.

Volunteer Drivers

Many of our Gardeners find it difficult to get to the gardens. We are looking into using volunteer drivers to pick people up from their home in the morning (around 9.30) and to return them at the end of their day at the gardens (around 3.30). If you would be wiling to do this on perhaps one or two days per week, please contact us. 

Maintenance Volunteers 

The gardens and the vineyard require a lot of upkeep. There are always practical jobs to do such as repair of raised beds, replacing fence posts, putting up shelves. If you are a practical person with the appropriate skills and are willing to give some of your time, please contact us.


Weekend Volunteering

Although Bridewell is closed at weekends the plants still need watering and the chickens and ducks still need feeding. We have a team of volunteers who are on a roster, and come in to tend to our feathered and leafy friends. Duties usually take about an hour in the summer, although those that find themselves at Bridewell often linger a little longer, savouring the tranquility and sheer loveliness of the gardens; it’s a very nice place to have to oneself. Weekend volunteers often also join in with open days and our annual grape harvest.

If you’d like to find out more, please email us at: info@bridewellorganicgardens.co.uk 

“Thank you to all the staff and volunteers. Thank you that you exist!”

Help Us with Events

Our Open Days are a very important part of Bridewell life. Not only do they strengthen relations with our friends and neighbours, but they are also vital for fundraising.

We have three Garden Open days a year, on Sundays in May, June and July. Our gates open to the public at 2pm and close at 5pm and we usually welcome between 300 and 400 visitors. Making sure the day goes smoothly, manning the stalls at which we sell our produce, crafts and wine, or lending a hand in the tearoom takes a lot of people. If you volunteer you’ll have a busy, happy day and you will be paired with a Bridewell team member, so you’ll get support, help and instructions.

If you think you can spare a summer Sunday to help, please email us at: 





“Thank you to all the staff and volunteers. Thank you that you exist!”