Do I have to know about gardening? 

No.  Everyone at Bridewell is learning.  We will make sure you understand how to do any job you’re given. You will always have a team member or volunteer working alongside you. 

What if you don’t want to do a job? 

You are offered a choice of jobs each morning and afternoon; so you decide what you’d like to do. 

What kind of people will be there? 

Difficulties with mental health can affect anyone, so we have a broad mix of people here.  One of our overarching values is that no-one is judged.  You will find a really supportive, warm and friendly atmosphere, where you can be yourself and not worry about what others think of you. 


How often would I come? 

Bridewell is open five days a week Monday to Friday. 

You would be assessed before you arrive and offered a place on one or two days a week.  Your days will be the same each week. 

How do I get there? 

We provide a minibus pick up and drop off service from Witney (Waitrose car park) each day at 9.50am and 3.15pm.  This is free.   

If you have your own transport, you can arrive independently.  There is plenty of parking on site.

Is there lunch? 

Gardeners bring their own packed lunches whilst tea, coffee and squash are provided by us. 

“I have come to realise that being active is very important to my recovery process”

Do I need kit? 

Gardeners should arrive dressed for outdoor working, although we can provide workboots, wellies, gloves and wet weather gear.  

How long will I stay at Bridewell? 

That depends on your progress towards recovery but Gardeners usually spend between 6 months and 2 years here.   We will work with you to set goals when you start and you will have regular meetings with your key worker here to discuss your movement towards those goals. Gardeners generally leave when they feel ready and most have a paid or voluntary role to go to. 

Do you help find work? 

Yes, we support you to find either paid or voluntary work in the local community.  We will help you to identify opportunities, help you with application forms, appointment setting, phone calls and anything else you need. 

How do I join Bridewell?

If you think Bridewell might be for you, ask your Support Worker or GP to go to our Referrals page.  They will be able to assess your eligibility and download a referral form.



“I have come to realise that being active is very important to my recovery process”