Bridewell Organic Wine

'Wilcote' English Sparkling Wine

We have our own organically certified vineyard attached to the walled garden.  We produce sparkling wine made from the Phoenix and Orion grape varieties. Our wine sales help to fund Bridewell and also provide a focus for our working day because the vines and grapes need careful tending.  Grape harvest is usually in October and involves a huge number of gardeners and volunteers as the grapes must be picked and transported to the winemaker on the same day. 

Bridewell Organic Wine
Bridewell Organic Wine

Where to buy our wines

We also sell our wines at our Open Days during the summer and at other markets and food/drink events during the year. 

“Dry, aromatic, crisp and elegant but also fruity and juicy. Just the kind of aperitif wine I enjoy or perhaps a good match for simple white fish and seafood” 
Susy Atkins, Wine Editor,  Delicious Magazine.

“Once again Bridewell Organic Gardens have come up with a superb white wine which tastes great with chicken or fish dishes. Its crisp finish makes it an ideal party drink too” 
Helen Peacocke, Food Writer, Oxford Times. 

“Superb crisp dry white wine, fruity with good Bramley apple flavours, ideal on its own, or with chicken or fish dishes” 
The Plough Inn, Finstock. 


“I have come to realise that being active is very important to my recovery process”